On this page you will discover a composition of poetry by Catholic New Zealanders. Incidentally New Zealanders like to be called the affectionate name "kiwi" which is our national bird. You may navigate this page by clicking on the author in the left window of this screen.

I'm going all the way
Down to the place I love the most
And I know that I'll be safe
For He Is guiding over me.
I'm going all the way
To my most beloved and sacred place
My journeys not going to be easy
But is well worth the cause.
I'm going all the way
So that I may once again
Lay eyes upon my saviours face
And know that He is Lord
I'm going all the way
Down to the place I love the most
And it's one foot in front of the other
Until I meet my Journey's End.

Trevor O'famo'oni

How sweet seemed sin No worries, no responsibilities Like a car driving with three wheels on the road Like a dog barking in a sound proof room The devils and angels of death seemed to gather day by day

Until my angel guardian scared them away No thoughts to speak But the will of the weak I seemed to succumb, numb, but no-
My faith in the better won out

And I rest, at peace, Maranatha.No longer do I doubt you, Lord I love you.

Mother Teresa
Brendan Roberts

Dearest Mother We are sad
But secretly we rejoice
We now have another powerful
ally in heaven

Your love for humanity
Was a witness
A witness to all nations
All religions and beliefs

We are so proud of you mother
You make us proud to be Catholic
And simultaneously challenge us to love
To sacrifice our wants and love the lost
You never fail to proclaim the truth
To challenge the worldly mighty

Your trust in your saviour was incredible You told the world powers the truth As millions continue to read about you To be inspired by your love

You look lovingly from heaven
And pray to the Heavenly Father for us
A reflection of God's Love
Many people contemplate in awe

As they hear abou the life of the frail old nun The nun who trusted fully in Jesus Who never stopped loving for Him This nun even had pity on Princess Di Rich in the world's eyes

But in truth lonely, sad, rejected
This nun accepted who Di was
Loved her, didn't put her in a box

Or stamp a label on her
This living saint was a witness
A witness to the mighty and the lowly
She strove to love God and

She loved the dying - giving them dignity Never failing to proclaim Jesus

This nun was Mother Teresa - a reflection of God's love


Trevor O'famo'oni

God's Infinite Love: Raise us to,God's Infinite Love: His love is hereGod's Infinite Love: Is His to giveGod's Infinite Love: He makes us to live

By His cross and Resurrection
He saved us from all viceHe descended to the dead To bring us to life
His promise is His body and blood

To prove to us his infinite love
To raise us from the dead Like wine like bread Into his house of many mansions
He died to pay for us the ransom
So as we do not stray Until he comes on Judgement Day.

Poetry by Maryanne

Interea magno misceri murmurepontum, emissamque hiemem \Neptunus, et imis stagna refusavadis, graviter commotus; etalto prospiciens, summa placidum caput extulit unda. DisiectamAeneae, toto videt aequoreclassem, fluctibus oppressosTroas caelique ruina


My Inspiration
Brendan Roberts

My soul is touched by love
My heart widens to receive
When my heart fills with life:

when the healing and love break my barriers
I realise there is one thing I must do I must give I need to share the love I have discovered
I have a great teacher

For God is my inspiration


Poetry by Lucy

But then I looked
Turend away from my TV
Turned the sound off

Crushed, but then I looked
To the Man that was walking to me
Saying I could be free
I wanted to see the Passion
To live And not have fear

To lay my hands On soft silk and cotton
On purple silks and then Kiss His feet
My self-vindictive heart no longer lives
Now a loved heart craved and wanted by Him.

Brendan Roberts

I long to hear the voice of God
To hear His still voice within me
But where can I go to find it?

If I go to the highest mountain
Amidst the storms and pounding of life
I do not find it If I go into the vast ocean Amidst the treachorous waves

And the relentless motion
I do not find it If I go into the city
Amidst the tortorous pace of life
The unrelenting stares of suspicion and hatred I do not find it



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