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This is the first book written by Brendan Roberts, encorporating his personal testimony and going to Germany as a Catholic Missionary with the International Catholic Programme of Evangelisation (ICPE). Brendan's book includes a personal testimony style from his experiences:

  • School - being beaten up, giving him a fear of rejection
  • Wanting to know and love God - gradual process
  • Experiences of trying to establish a career
  • Experiences with ICPE in Germany
  • Evangelising in Germany

In Part II Brendan uses a teaching style which covers:

  • Practical steps to overcoming the fear of rejection
  • Why we need God and His love
  • How is evolution wrong
  • Taking time out to be with God
  • There is a cost to Christianity
  • Key Catholic doctrines using the Catholic Catechism which include the Sacraments, and Mary our Mother

NB: This book is currently only available from this website or from retailers in New Zealand.

Born to be Free



Now only US $12 + p&p

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Born to be Free continues Brendan's journey of faith, including spreading messages of hope and God's love in Germany, England and Russia. The experiences are unique and cover in detail instances of learning from others and the sharing of faith. Chapters include "Mad Doctor [very funny]", "Pursued by the Russian Police", "Death of a family member","Russians open up their hearts". Almost half of Born to be Free is devoted to covering questions we all ask about our faith, and elements of our faith we have never known, which will be of use to young and old. These questions and issues include:

  • Saints (Process of being declared a Saint, St Maximilian Kolbe and St Francis Xavier, some Patron Saints)
  • Miracles (Church authenticated miracles e.g Eucharistic, Incorruptible bodies of some of the saints, and some saints that have raised others from the dead).
  • The Eucharist
  • Visions of Mary - Faitma, Lourdes, The Rosary.
  • Infallibility of the Pope
  • Apostollic Succession

Research for this teaching part of the book was sourced from:

  • The Holy Bible
  • The Catholic Catechism (1995)
  • The writings of the early Christians (includes the writings of the Successors of the Apostles, which proves fascinating reading).

    NB: This is book is available in the United States.

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