Brendan Roberts


This is Brendan Roberts, me. I'm 6 feet in height, have hazel eyes, and now this sounds like it should be in a personals columns, lol!

I was born in a remote village called Kaponga (Car-ponga), Taranaki, which is situated on the West Coast and halfway down the North Island of New Zealand. I first joined the missionary group, the International Catholic Programme of Evangelisation, in 1990. During this time he traversed many countries in Europe with a team of young people sharing their faith through pantomime, personal testimony and preaching.


I love to travel and have a special gift for public speaking, especially involving young people. Therefore I'm available for speaking at conferences, youth groups, Christian groups, etc.

Please keep me in your prayers, as I complete and seek a publisher for my fourth book which incorporates the Crusades, Human Sexuality and Our Creator.


Please note that you can view samples of my third book, "God:Fact or Fiction?: Exploring the Relationship between Science Religion and the Origin of Life" by going to This book covers the Big Bang, Evolution, Intelligent Design (complexity and order in nature) and so proving the very likelihood of there being a Go. Additionally you can explore the existence of evil and why there is evil in the world; miracles; God being a personal and loving God; and much more besides.



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